How to Make Guests Comfortable in your Home - Part Three

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Most guest rooms will not have an extra iron and ironing board, so remember to let guests know where yours are.

Privacy is a big consideration for guests. Make sure that your guest room has window coverings. Curtains can add great character to a guest room, especially if they match the bedding. But, even just blinds are better than nothing.
It is thoughtful to provide your guest with a set of keys to your home for their stay. Also, if your home has a security system, let them know how to arm and disarm it.

It is nice to give your guests some tourist information. This way, if you are working any of the days while they will be in town, they have fun things to do to keep busy. Give them maps and brochures on the places you think they would like to see. You can also give them maps to the closest grocery stores, restaurants and shopping malls. You can put all of this information into a three ring binder and find a place in the guest room to store it, so that it is available for all of your guests.
Everyone gets the urge for a midnight snack on occasion, so leave a few snacks and a bottle of water in the guest room. If you really want your guest room to be five star you can even leave a coffee pot in the room with powdered cream and sugar.

A television in the guest room is nice, if you want to really spoil your guests have a dvd player, cd player, and an Internet connection available.

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