Icons of Design - Hervé Van der Straeten

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Hervé Van der Straeten

Sketches by Hervé Van der Straeten
photograph by Francoise Spikermeier

Hervé Van der Straeten is a live icon of design today, a jewelry designer, furniture designer, industrial designer, and overall a gallery owner of his own Object d'Art pieces.

Each piece that he designs carries a sense of uniqueness and its uniqueness brings a sense of alchemy that always enhances a room in any of his forms of design .

His pieces are memorable and one of a kind.
Van der Straeten signature stool - a podlike seat that can be left gleamingly metallic or encased in lacquers that give it the look of a giant candy brings something unexpected to any room.

He used to create jewelry for Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Lacroix after he dropped out of the engineering program at the the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. The work of Hervé Van der Straeten is characterised by its intensity, eclecticism & bold shapes.

Van der Straeten is dedicated to preserving the tradition of fine european craftsmanship, each of his pieces requires a group of 4 or more different craftsmen to achieve his vision. His own designs can be seen today in the Elysée palace.


Galerie Van der Straeten
11, rue Ferdinand-Duval
75004 Paris.
Tél. : 01 42 78 99 99.

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