New Africa

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Today's Africa is modern, sophisticated, strong.

You can definitely see the origins of the modern design coming from a primitive and rustic base. Far away from ethnic stereotypes and trends these pieces can live in any style. The rough synergy that these pieces bring to a room can add comfort and uniqueness without compromising the end result of a well thought out space. You can find today ostrich feathers lamps, ebony, wenge and kiaat wood products, African masks, Baoulé sculptures, animal prints, and ceramics that will definitely bring a vintage feel that feels new and renovated. This is the result of a new breed of designers from Europe and other continents that are approaching design from a sculptural perspective and having African roots as their inspiration.

Baguette Table Lamp - Weylandts

Zulumama Chair by Haldane Martin

Feather Hat

Ethiopian Coffee Trade - Weylandts

Louise Geldelbloom Ceramic

Chaise Lounge Haldane Martin

Available at Gabriel Ross

Club Sofa by Prospero Rasulo - Zanotta

Siwalan Planters

Synapsis Table by Jean-Marie Massaud - Porro

Ostrich Feather Lamb by Haldane Martin

Biba Rounded Mirror - Weylandts

Riempe Bench by Haldane Martin

Cameo Flame Scatter Silk Pillow - Weylandts

C-U-C-Me O Hanging Lamp - Weylandts

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