Deck the Halls

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Last week we decorated our studio for the Christmas season. This year we decided to do a silver, red and white theme. Much like our studio we kept it classic with a modern edge.

Here is Echo hanging the first of many ornaments on the tree.

Here I came to help (this is the proof that I did help! - not only direct)

The ceremonial placement of the star at the top of the tree.

Echo praying the tree doesn't topple over on top of her.

And there it goes! (Echo's praying didn't work) - The top of our tree was in need of some Viagra (lol)

In the words of Mr.Preston Bailey, " more is more" when it comes to my Christmas Trees. Our tree is towering at 9' tall and is filled with over 300 ornaments and 1000 lights.

We caught Miss Bobbie peeking inside her stocking -naughty, naughty girl!

Little chubby birds put the holiday spirit into our lighting.

Some chrome twig - style reindeer adorn our book shelves.

A splash of festive colour in our working space.

The window decals in our work area are reminiscent of our wall vinyl in the meeting room but continue our holiday theme. We were decorating at the same time as the GAP across the street. You can also see the Christmas Village Santa in the upper left corner of this photograph.

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