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Our Holiday Cards have been sent and from what we have heard they have been very well received. This year we tried to create a Holiday Card that was different, fun and also environmentally friendly.

In July 2008 we had our Open House with a modern baroque theme to celebrate the completion of our studio. The invitations and signage were inspired by elements of our own studio. The background damask is the same custom pattern that is found in vinyl on our meeting room wall and the royal portrait is a black and white photograph of Salma Hayek (yes that's really her) that is framed in our work area.

After a very successful party we still had several cards left over from printing. We decided to do a more eco-friendly holiday card this year and recycle these in a fun way.

We created custom stamps of the Meade Design Group team as a prelude to what would be found inside. The same concept was applied to the regal Salma and on our home page. By adding a shiny red nose and velveteen antlers to the elegant art work from our Open House Party invitations.

We selected Mohawk Via paper for the inserts. We chose this paper not only for its lovely texture, but also because it's made from 30% recycled fiber and is manufactured with certified renewable wind-generated electricity.

All in all we feel as though we had eco-concious fun with our holiday cards and thought it would be a great story to share with our readers.


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