Installation Day – Sneak Peek

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 Last Friday was our Installation Day for our first project in California.  It was a challenging project due to the distance, but it has been one of the best projects we have ever worked on.  Our client was amazing, and we could not have asked for anyone more pleasant or understanding.

We were invited to design the Living Room, Dining Room and Master Bedroom of  a 1940’s Bungalow at the top of a hill with the most outstanding city views I have ever seen. 

Our client wanted a  new space that reflected her life passions and her new sense of sophistication.  We selected a palette in mauves, purples, taupes, and browns and we incorporated some elements that showcase her immaculate sense of humour, in a space where she can host one of her favourite activities - movie nights.

Sherman Oaks 022

Some of our favourite moments in the space are these over scaled light fixtures that bring an immediate sense of drama and volume to the space and the wallpaper in the ceiling has been a hit, adding visual texture and sense of rhythm.

Sherman Oaks 014 

Sherman Oaks 033

This is also one of my favourite vignettes in the space.  A bust of Einstein and a hand sketch of a woman that has sentimental meaning to the client.

Sherman Oaks 018

We designed a simple bookcase to hold all our clients important memorabilia objects.

Sherman Oaks 031

Excuse the ladder but we were working on the installation. Stunning wing chairs with lumbar pillows in Allegra Hicks fabric.

Sherman Oaks 016

Our client has been involved in the movie industry and we thought it could be great to include a fun tribute to her career with these posters printed in sepia.

Sherman Oaks 027

The Dining Room has a white grass wallpaper by Ralph Lauren and a stunning metal light fixture by Terzanni.  We placed a single over scale photograph to add volume to the space.

Sherman Oaks 030

Sherman Oaks 020

A wall paper by Threads, and lush mauve velvet window treatments make this space warm and inviting.


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Anonymous said...

Good Job!. The place looks very elegant. I personally love the movie area. It's so comfy and stylish

Dilipgupta said...

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