Surprised, Shocked, and Thankful

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How do you say “thank you” when your design community is saying “thank you” to you?  I guess you can say “my pleasure”, but then I still feel as though, I have to say “thank you” back.


Tuesday, the 13th of April, 2010 – What a date!, definitely a day to remember.  Why is that? you may ask; well, I had a surprise thank you party thrown for me with 40 of my favourite colleagues in Victoria.  Interior Designer Michelle Matte and Artist John Wolfe from Wolf Decorative Finishes coordinated and put together a stunning surprise party at Veneto for me to say thank you for my support to our local design community.  The place was beautifully decorated by Tara McHugh Flora, Tara was one of the first members of Meade Design Group when I started and now she is a very successful fleur couturier and in my opinion one of the best in the city.   I couldn’t believe there were more than 40 colleagues there to say thank you – I said my pleasure, but now I have to say once again - Thank you!! for making me feel so appreciated.


image Colleen Buker & Myself


imageThe Crowd


IMG_5105The Crowd


I was overwhelmed as this was a big surprise – when I arrived to the restaurant people yelled “SURPRISE!”, and I was thinking – today is not my birthday, I have not won anything,… what’s going on? The room was full of both familiar faces and faces that I didn’t know (but now I do have the pleasure of knowing them, of course) all of them saying “THANK YOU!”.  Gratitude is a strange word in our life, we hardly ever use it.  We live day-by-day too fast, and when we remember it is night again.


IMG_5097 Flowers by Tara McHugh Flora

  IMG_5099 Flowers by Tara McHugh Flora


IMG_5095 Flowers by Tara McHugh Flora


I also have to say I could never do as much as I do without the team that has supported me in my 8 year career in Victoria.  Starting with Jeff Michaud my partner, Tara McHugh (the corsage and those flowers were amazing!), Mr. Greg Young (RIP), Miz  T -Tiffany Jade Briscoe, Miz Bobbie Cann, Sarita, and my right hand Echito Eaton-Thorn.


clip_image001Myself & Tara McHugh (Tarita Tomato)


IMG_5117 Murray, Liz Mackay, Josée Lalonde


IMG_5121Kyla Bidgood, Gillian Ley, Myself,

Amber Kingsnorth, & Michelle Morelan


IMG_5122 Myself & Brenda Marks


A very very special THANK YOU to … Michelle Matte and John Wolf Decorative Finishes, Colleen Buker, Gillian Ley, Antonieta D’Introno, Jenny Martin, Sandy & Dawn from Nygaard Interior Design, Ross Taylor and Amber Leask from Gabriel Ross, Julia Roemer, Delores & Andy from Running with Scissors, Sarah & Scott McNeill, Amber Kingsnorth and Kyla Bidgood from Inoui Design Collective, Michelle Morelan who came all the way from Vancouver, Artist Birgit Piskor, Susan Hargraves, Liz Mackay, Josée Lalonde, Murray, Teresa Ryback & Kelly Moir from TD Swansburg, Pamela and Zech from European Flooring, Lindsay Hill and Pam from Kimberly Williams, Dianne Kennedy, Dimitri Maekawa from Axis Design, Josh Terry from Allegro Painting, Brenda Marks from Kravet & Tritex, Heather Draper and Ben Brannen from Bespoke, Amanda Forrest for her kind note,  and Jeff Michaud & Echo Eaton from Meade Design Group for this incredible surprise.


Photographs by Tara McHugh & Heather Draper

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